Sharps Disposal Management

Medical Waste Solutions - Sharps Disposal Management, serving hospitals and clinics as well as Private Practices. Keep your employees and patients safe.Sharps Disposal Management

Every year more than 800,000 needle sticks occur accidentally to healthcare workers according to CDC estimates. Our sharps disposal service increases sharps safety overall for our clients and prevents accidental needle sticks. Hospitals, doctors offices, dental practices are among those we provide containers and sharp disposal service.

Hospitals and Clinics

Medical Waste Solutions understands the importance of bringing together safety, responsible environmental practices, convenience. It not only decreases the chance of accidental needle sticks to your employees, but also diverts excessive amounts of corrugated material and plastics from unnecessarily being added to landfills. Because we offer accommodating pricing, such as a fixed monthly rate, our disposal service is more cost effective than a waste container system.

For Private Practices

We provide a full line of sharps containers for doctors offices and dental practices.





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